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Discover Ordinary Items to Use in an Extraordinary Way

Purchase or rent repurposed décor from Junk N Treasures

Each year, we generate tons of trash that sits in landfills. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, in 2012, we tossed 251 million tons of trash and only recycled approximately 34%.

What if, instead of throwing out our unwanted furniture and household items, we repurposed them? Turning junk into treasure is just what the professional at Junk N Treasures in Lufkin, TX, does.

For years, our expert has been uncovering and restoring items to bring them back to life and give them a new purpose. Whether you want to decorate your party with antique items or use repurposed windows for a project, you’ll uncover everything you need at Junk N Treasure.

Decorate your next event with repurposed treasures!

Imagine walking into your party and seeing beautiful decorations made from repurposed items. If you work with Stacy, the refurbishing professional at Junk N Treasures in Lufkin, that’s what you’ll get. We work hard to find items to turn your happening into a gorgeously decorated extravaganza. We take a thorough approach to finding quality goods that can be transformed starting with a face-to-face meeting where we inspect the item. Because of our meticulous inspections, we’re able to bring you exceptionally made antique decorations that you’ll love. What's even better is all of the decor is for rent.
Call Junk N Treasures when you want beautiful rental decor items at your:
• Bridal party
• Shower
• Anniversary
Tea party
• Paint party
• Corporate event
Holiday party

Skip the usual goods that make an appearance at every event and rent something new from Junk N Treasures in Lufkin, TX.

Get a beautiful piece for your space that ties your vision together

Instead of decorating your Lufkin home with items from big box stores that everyone else is buying, find your next jewel at Junk N Treasures. We take pride in carrying unique rental decor items that will make any décor visually pop.

Don’t settle for the stuff everyone buys from department stores and rent re-purposed windows, chicken wire and other goods from Junk N Treasures.

Don’t wait, uncover the items that will take your next event or home décor to the next level by calling Junk N Treasure in Lufkin today!

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